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Below are a few words about my lifelong relationship with dogs. But, if you want to know more about my artistic background, please click on these two links to my fine art website.

I love dogs. I've always had one (or two). Mafeesh was first. How my wife and I came up with such a far-fetched name is a long story. It includes a two-year stay in Cairo, Egypt in the early 70s. Mafeesh was a friendly little mutt (not sure what mix of breeds) and the life of our large apartment in a beautiful leafy suburb of the city of the pharaohs.

My dog: Mafeesh

Two sisters, Tish and Tina, followed Mafeesh. We think they were a combination Black Labrador and Border Collie. They had a whole backyard to themselves where they often chased squirrels. We had a lot of fun with these two (including Tina, one summer evening, getting tipsy from polishing off half-empty glasses of wine while our guests were leaving after
a backyard party.)

My dogs: Tish and Tina

Next was Napoleon (Poppy for short). He was a handsome combination of a Cocker Spaniel and a Beagle (he looked like the latter). What a guy! And what a stentorian bark! He would have put any Great Dane to shame in that department.

My dog: Poppy

The obvious choice after Napoleon was... Josephine... Who else? (we call her Josie), a pure-bred Beagle this time. She was born in northern San Diego County and is the most laid-back creature you have ever encountered - the quintessential SoCal gal! Plus she is adorably pretty.

My dog: Josephine

I don't know who will be next, but somehow, at this point, I feel there is a special place in my heart for Beagles. They are such loving little dogs and have such playful personalities!

But as I said, I love dogs - all of them. To me, in addition to being man's best friend, they are the proverbial "salt of the earth".

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